#01 How Does This Work?

1st Step: Contact Call

During our first contact call, we will answer whatever questions you have for us. Also, we will need to get some preliminary information about you and your animals.

After answering questions and exchanging information with each other, we will typically schedule an initial visit (what we call a "meet & greet"), at a time that is convenient for everybody, with the assigned Happy Tails Pet Pal sitter to meet your pets.

If you are needing sitting, walking or overnight services that will take place in your home then the meet & greet will take place in your home.

2nd step: meet & Greet


Your assigned HTPP sitter will meet with you and your fur family members and other pets. Usually we will need to get some additional information to enable us to take great care of your furry loved ones and other pets.

If the meet & greet is for client in-home based services there will be a nominal charge for this event as listed on our service page; however, there is no charge for doggie daycare and boarding meet & greets.

Typically, at the end of the in-home meet & greet session an appointment for the first service will be discussed and the sitter will get two keys (one for the sitter and one which will be securely stored at our headquarters for emergency situations).

In the unlikely event that it is determined a pet is believed to be potentially dangerous then Happy Tails Pet Pal, LLC. reserves the right to not schedule or perform services previously scheduled.

We require a meet & greet with all new clients.

#02  ARE YOU INSURED & bonded.

Absolutely, Yes! We carry liability insurance and all sitters are bonded through Pet Sitters International.



No Problem! One of the big differences between us and the neighbor, co-worker, family member, friend or the solo uncertified-not bonded-not insured-non professional is that we are prepared and able to handle a multitude of different situations that can arise on either a regular or irregular basis.

For example, if your primary HTPP sitter can't make a scheduled visit for some reason (such as auto accident, illness, death in family, medical emergency, etc.) then we have back-up sitters that can step in to take care of your fur babies and other pets.

We currently have six sitters/walkers on our team to serve you and your family pet members. In other words, we have back-up sitters for our back-up sitters.

Additionally, we have back-up contingency plans with other professional pet service companies and sitters.

#04  Can i be assured of having the same pet sitter each time?

We strive to  provide continuity and to maintain your animal's normal routine as much as possible.

For that reason, we prefer to have the continuity of the same pet sitter/dog walker providing services to your pet(s).

However, if the sitter is not available then a fully informed experienced professional substitute pet sitter/dog walker will be available as a back-up.  We even have back-up sitters/walkers available for our back-up sitters/walkers.

#05  how long have you been doing this?

Collectively speaking, our professional pet sitters and dog walkers have over a couple of decades of experience as professionals in the pet industry.

Individually they bring a diverse wealth of experience, knowledge and skills that would be hard for one of our competitors to match. For example, one of our team pet sitters and dog walkers is also a professional dog trainer.  All of them also have had extensive personal prior experience before they became a professional in the pet industry.

Ann, Happy Tail Pet Pal LLC.'s pack leader, has cared for and loved animals all of her life. She has professionally been loving, serving and caring for animals over 8 years now. We would suggest reading her pack (most people use the term "team" instead of pack) bio to find out more specifics.

Happy Tails Pet Pal. LLC. is a Texas limited liability corporation (#0802133886) which was incorporated on January 8, 2015.

#06 what are your hours?

Our office hours are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day and we respectfully ask that all non-emergency communications with HTPP take place during this time period.

Pet sitting and dog walking assignments/visits generally take place between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Overnight service visits in the home of a customer generally take place from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. with one mid-day visit.

#07  do you administer pet medication?


Yes, we definitely do and, unlike most of our competitors, we do so at no additional charge to our client.

#08  how many times will you visit?

That is determined by the client based upon the pet owner's determination of what works best for their pet(s).

We stive to maintain your animal's normal routine as much as possible and will work with you to tailor our visits and services to meet all reasonable requests.


Two keys are required to assure that we will be able to meet your scheduling requests with no disruption to you or us.  For example, if your regular HTPP pet sitter/dog walker ended up getting into a car accident, the second key is available for a back-up sitter/walker to timely care for your pet(s).

#10  how do i book my visits and pet services?

All visits should be booked through our online booking system or by calling/texting our company's main number, which is 469.503.8886.  You may also email us at HappyTailsPetPal.com to let us know of your desire to book a visit.  

Once the service visit information has been entered into our online booking system a confirmation email will be sent to you.  Please advise us if you do not receive a confirmation email so that we can check into why your requested service visit is not a confirmed service visit in our system.


All visits should be booked either (1) through our online booking system or (2) by calling/texting our company's main number which is 469.503.8886 or (3) sending an email to us at HappyTailsPetPal@gmail.com

Your visits and pet services WILL NOT be covered under our liability coverage policy and company bond if you do not book through either online client portal, the business owner at the company's main number or the company's email.

Although we have no objections to a client having the cell phone number of their regular sitter/walker... all administrative activities - such as bookings, cancelations and refunds - ARE NOT TO BE HANDLED THROUGH A PET SITTER/DOG WALKER.