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Leader of the Pack

Ann Growing Up:

I have loved animals for as long as I can remember. As a child I would carry stray animals home with me and tell my mother that "they just followed me home."  I am sure she knew differently but they were always allowed to stay.

I learned early that animals were the best thing since peanut butter.

One of my fondest childhood memories was the day that Mom and Dad announced that we were getting a puppy.  I was ecstatic! A small ball of Collie fur, by the name of Taffy, came to live with us shortly after that and was a huge part of our family until she passed away many years later after my daughter was born.

Ann Since Then:

It seems that over the years there has always been a dog in my life. I have loved and lost strays, Scotties, Schnauzers, Collies and Westies.

Currently my husband and I have two fur balls accompanying us on this part of our life journey's time-line. First, there is Princess, a rescued Jack Russell, who is our senior citizen and attached to her momma at the hip. Secondly, there is Bailey Elizabeth, a Cairn terrier (of  Toto fame from the Wizard of Oz), who is our youngest family member. She is a play girl who would play 24/7 if she could. Bailey is also the house social director who is in charge of meeting and greeting anyone that comes to the door. Despite many people's first impressions of her, she is just a barker and not a biter.

The wonderful creatures that God has graced me with knowing and loving over the years have taught me patience and unconditional love. No matter how I look or feel they are always there with smiles on their faces and tails wagging. Nothing is better than snuggling up with your fur baby when you are down and out. If only the world could live and love as animals do. There would certainly be fewer, if any, problems for the human race.

When I lose one of my fur balls (whether it is one that lived in my house or yours) the pain and grief seems, at times, like it is almost unbearable.  I always say I will never have or love another one. Yet here I am... getting older while eating my words about never having another one, still owning and still loving these amazing creatures that God has blessed us with.

My life journey transitioned to be a professional pet sitter several years ago, when I and many others were part of a company wide force reduction. When that happened, I decided that the best way for me to satisfy my life long love of animals could only be accomplished by becoming a paid professional pet lover. I said goodbye to the crazy world of corporate America and became a professional pet sitter - professional dog walker - professional pet taxi driver - professional pet nurse - professional pet companion - professional pet boarder and all round pet lover.

It is a decision I have never looked back on and that have never regretted. It is a job that fulfills me.

Are You A Talented Pet Lover | Happy Tails Pet Pal, LLC.

About You


Are you a talented pet lover with extra time on their hands?

Would you like to make some supplemental income while you do what you love to do (which is spending some time loving on, caring for and hanging out with animals)?

If so, we would love to talk to you about your joining our pack of professional pet sitters and dog walkers.

So give us a call today at 469-903-8886, or send us an email at HappyTailsPetPal@gmail.com to explore possibly joining our ever growing team!

Happy Tails Pet Pal, LLC. Sitter and Trainer | Kyle



Growing up I always have had cats or dogs. I have always felt a strong connection to nature and animals. They bring out the curiosity in me. It seems like I have always wanted to understand how they think.

As I got older I liked technology and achieved a degree; however, working with dogs is my true calling.

I've worked professionally with K9s for 6 years. Everything from working dogs to rescue dogs.

My number one mission is making sure family pets are always safe and happy!

As a professional dog trainer and behavioralist, in addition to being a professional pet sitter and dog walker, I bring a well rounded expertise to all dog assignments. I look forward to working with you!

Professional Pet Sitter | Jackie | Plano TX


Professional Pet Sitter, Cat Lover Extraordinaire & Professional Dog Walker

I presently have 3 cats and one dog. I've had pets all my life and cannot live without them.

All my animals are adopted.

I moved to Plano from Dallas in 2014 and am very happy in our neighborhood.

Taking care of your pet during your absence is of great pleasure to me and likely to your pets, as well.

My family consists of son and granddaughter, both live in the DFW area, and of course, my babies.

Professional Pet Sitter and Dog Walker | Lee | Richardson TX


Professional Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

I have loved animals my whole life and most of the time they seemed to love me back.

As a child, we lived on a creek where I played with turtles, snakes and chicks. We had anoles, gerbils and hamsters.

I once had a hamster named Taffy who would climb in my hand when I put it in her cage. One of my fondest memories is how I would take her foraging for dandelions and acorns.

My mom wouldn't let us get a dog or a cat no matter how much we kids pleaded. So, my little sister and I would get case after case of ringworm from petting the half feral colony of cats down the street. Later in life I've had the joy of sharing my life with the best cat in the whole world.

So I definitely understand if you love your fur or feather baby. In this job, I have the pleasure of rubbing adorable dog tummies, watching cats solve puzzles, getting to pet and, of course, walking enthusiastic and happy dogs.

Being a pet sitter is such a great job!

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David, like many of us, grew up playing with, loving on and caring for animals. So it was only natural that he would someday find himself working for Happy Tails Pet Pal, LLC.

He has received professional training in animal behavior, dog training and pet sitting from a professional dog trainer and a couple of professional pet sitters/dog walkers.

This young man is a favorite of HTTP's growing extended family of fur babies and pet owners.

Are you a disgruntled pet owner who is not very happy or satisfied with the service you are getting from a competitor's pet business?  Just ask us for some references. David has many devoted HTPP pet owner fans who have made the switch already and now are ecstatic that he and Happy Tails Pet Pal, LLC. are part of their fur babies extended family.


Affordable Pet Sitter | Jean | Plano TX


Professional Pet Sitter

Jean began her animal education quite early, as a young girl, growing up on a Pennsylvania farm surrounded by farm animals.

Today she has downsized to just two animals on her homestead. One dog, which is the source of constant family debate as to who his true owner is, and one cat.  She supplements her animal addiction by working as a part time professional pet sitter.