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Overview of Services & Rates

As of 13March2018

All requested bookings are payable in advance of scheduled services. Happy Tales Pet Pal, LLC. expressly reserves the right to not provide services, whether scheduled - booked - or not, if payment of services were not made in advance of the services requested. In other words, no services will be provided or a scheduled service appointment honored by us without prior advance payment.

HTPP believes in providing professional care for your pet(s).  We know that each pet is different and has their own unique needs. Furthermore, we strive to make sure that every pet feels well loved as well. Consequently, our service and rate structure is designed to allow pet owners to choose what will best fit you and your animals' needs.

We accept credit cards & debit cards for payment.  We take Visa, MasterCard & American Express.

Unlike our competition, we do not charge to administer pet medications.


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Meet & Greet $18


As of 13March2018

This initial contact meeting is designed to introduce your assigned professional pet sitter and dog walker to you, your family and pets.  It allows the HTPP professional pet sitter to have some one on one bonding time with your pet to enable a smooth service transition.

The HTPP pet sitter will also spend some time with you gathering information about your service requests, pet needs, information about your home and the location of important pet items.

We request that you provide your HTPP professional pet sitter be given two keys (one key for the sitter/walker and one as a company office backup key for emergencies).

This is a required visit: $18 per visit.

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Standard Visit $20*

As of 13March2018

We know that, as a caring pet owner, you want your pet to have as few stress inducing moments in their daily routine as possible.

This service was specifically designed with you in mind as it is ideal for those times when you are traveling or you just can't get away to walk, feed, love on and pet your animals.

With the standard visit service, we will take your pet for a nice walk (no additional cost option of course), refresh their water, feed them - if requested, clean litter boxes, give them lots of good hugs and kisses, bring in the mail, water any plants and adjust any lights for you.

*$20 Per Non-Holiday Visit & $2 For Each Additional Pet Over 3*

(For Example: A standard non-holiday visit charge for someone with 3 dogs and 1 cat would be $22 @ visit)

The Standard Visit service is eligible Recurring Weekly Visit discounts for qualifying clients (more on this in the Recurring Weekly Visit section below).

The Standard Visit rates are subject to Holiday Surcharges during Holidays Visits (more on this in the Holiday Visits section below).

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Premium Visit $30*

As of 13March2018

We love to pamper our furry friends and the Premium Visit service was designed to give us extra time to do just that.

Depending upon the pet owner and pet, a Premium Visit can mean an extra long walk, longer play time, or just extra time for your pet's assigned Pet Pal to cuddle, pet and love on your pets.

The Premium Visit service is often the pet visit of choice for caring pet owners who have multiple dogs that need to be walked separately.

*$30 per non-holiday visit and $2 for each additional pet over 3*

(For Example: A non-holiday Premium Visit with 3 dogs and 1 cat would cost $32)

*The Premium Visit service is eligible for Recurring Weekly Visit discounts for qualifying clients (more on this in the Recurring Weekly Visit section below).

*The Premium Visit rates subject to holiday surcharges during Holiday Visits (more on this in the Holiday Visits section below).

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Drop-In Service $15*

As of 13March2018

We recognize that life today can get very busy and sometimes you just can't get home to feed, water or let them out for a potty break.

The Drop-In Service is designed for those moments.

We will gladly stop by for a potty break, freshen their water, feed them if needed, have a little play time and give them some belly rubs and/or scratchies.

This service does not include a walk.

*$15 per non-holiday Drop-In Service visit + $2 for each additional pet over 3*

(For example: a non-holiday Drop-In service visit with 3 dogs and 1 cat would cost $17 per visit)

*The Drop-In Service visit is eligible for Recurring Weekly Visit discounts for qualifying clients (more on this in the Recurring Weekly Visit section below).

*The Drop-In Service visit rates are subject to holiday surcharges during Holiday Visits (more on this in the Holiday Visits section below).

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Hourly Services $30*

As of  13March2018

Our Hourly Service are perfect for those times when when additional TLC (Tender Loving Care) is required.

Perhaps you have an older senior citizen pet, a sick pet, a brand new puppy or a pet with anxiety separation.

We will provide that extra attention needed by the hour if that best suits you and your animal's needs.

*$30 a non-holiday hour plus $2 for each animal over 3

(For Example: The non-holiday hourly service charge for 4 dogs would be $32 an hour).

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Recurring Weekly Services

As of 13March2018

A discounted service especially designed for pet owners who need our services on a recurring weekly basis.

Perhaps you travel frequently, or you would just like to have your pet exercised on a weekly basis.  If so, our recurring weekly services is the way to go.

With this service, we will come by at the same approximate time period on a daily basis to perform either a Standard, Premium or Drop-In service visit at a discount rate.

Qualifications and Limitations: Visits must be scheduled 4 times a week for a minimum of 4 weeks and the visits must be scheduled for the same time period each day. Payment will be charged on the 1st and 16th of each month.

$12 per each Non-Holiday Drop-In Visit, $18 per each Non-Holiday Standard Visit, $27 per each Non-Holiday Premium Visit + $2 for each additional pet over 3 (additional pet charge the same for all three services).

(For example: A Non-Holiday Drop-In Visit Recurring Weekly Services for 3 dogs and 1 cat would be $14 for each Non-Holiday Drop-In Visit.  Non-Holiday Standard Visit Recurring Weekly Services for 3 dogs and 1 cat would be $20 for each Non-Holiday Standard Visit.  Non-Holiday Premium Visit Recurring Weekly Services for 3 dogs and 1 cat would be $29 for each Non-Holiday Premium Visit).

Have you ever agonized over what to do with your pets while you are out of town?

Well, our overnight home stay service is a preferred choice for those parents who want maximum care for their fur babies while they are gone while providing an added layer of home security in their absence.

Your furry friends will be pampered and splined in their own familiar environment while you are gone. In addition, we will adjust blinds, water plants, plus bring in the mail and newspapers.

All Happy Tails Pet Pal, LLC. professional pet sitters have been background vetted and trained for your protection and ours.

Of course, we are insured and bonded for your protection and ours.

Additionally, the work of all our professional pet sitters are subject to our monitoring, review and supervision policies and procedures.

This is one of our most popular service options and we have a limited number of professional pet sitters that provide overnight services so we encourage you to schedule any overnight services well in advance of your trip.

*$60 per might for a non-holiday ten hour stay and $6 more for each additional pet over 3.

(For example, a non-holiday overnight service visit with 3 dogs and 1 cat would be $66 for each non-holiday night of overnight service).

A 2018 study commissioned by HTPP revealed that our professional overnight pet services are one of the most affordable in the entire DFW metroplex. According to the study, most professional pet sitters charge overnight rates that are 20% to 100% higher than ours.

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Holiday Visits $8*


As of 13March2018

Holidays are always a busy time for everyone.

*We assess a $8 daily service charge, in addition to our normal service rate, for each service during the following Holidays:

New Years Eve and New Year Day


Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving and the Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

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Transportation $30*

As of 13March2018

Sometimes it is difficult to get to get our pets to veterinary or grooming appointments.

Let us take that worry off your shoulders.

Round-trip transportation will be provided to get your pet where they need to be. If requested, we will stay and comfort them on those "dreaded veterinary check-ups".

*$30 Round-Trip, $12 extra to stay with your pet

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Cancellation Policy

As of 13March2018

While we understand that sometimes life gets in the way and it becomes necessary to cancel a scheduled service appointment... 

We require that you give us a 24 hour notice of any cancellation.

Any visits cancelled less than 24 hours out from the scheduled service will be charged the full fee for that schedule.